Quicksand At Woodcreek Golf Club
1 Pro Ln, Wimberley, TX 78676-2701 (512)847-9700


WMGA Invitational
Double Elimination Match Play Tournament

Entrants Limited to first 32
Registered Players!
90% of Entry Fee to Winners’ Purses
Registration Deadline:  March 29, 2021
Dates of Play – April thru September

Players must:
*Be members of WMGA for 2021 ($15.00);
*Have current established handicap.
with Quicksand Golf Course for the USGA GHIN; &
*Submit Entry Fee of $25.00 (Checks payable to WMGA) with this completed Registration Form in mailbox to right of Bulletin Board.


WMGA Match Play Tournament at Quicksand Golf Course
Are you interested in participating in a Match Play Tournament at Quicksand?
What is Match Play?
Single Match Play
You subtract a stroke from your score on each hole for which you are allocated a handicap stroke to get your net score for that hole. For example, if you get nine strokes, you subtract a stroke from your score on each of the nine most difficult holes -- that is, the "1" handicap hole through the "9" handicap hole.
How do you Score?
Mark your scorecard "AS" for "all square" as long as the match remains tied. Once someone wins a hole, you would mark the card "-1", if you lost the hole, or "+1, if you won the hole. This means you are 1-down or 1-up, respectively, in the match. The player with the most pluses wins the match. The Tournament will have a double elimination from the first-round golfers who lose.
What to you need to do?
You must be a member of the WMGA for 2021- ($15.00). Please put your check and entry form in the WMGA mailbox.
You must have an established handicap with Quicksand golf course for the USGA GHIN.  Please give your check of $36.00 for nonmembers or $30.00 for members to the employee in the club house at the registration desk.
You must pay an entry fee of $25.00 per player.
What else do I need to do?
Fill out an entry form which can be found on the bulletin board at the entry of club house bathroom.
Write out a check to the WMGA for $25.00 for the entry fee.
Dates of play will start in April. Of the $25.00 entry fee, $22.50 will go to the winner’s purse.
Prize money will be given to the first, second, third and the winner of the elimination bracket. The prize money split is 40,30,20 and 10 percent.
Place entry form in mailbox to the right of the bulletin board, with your check.
How does it work?
After the first day of play the advancing single player will play again the next month against another winning player. The losing single player will play another losing player within the first month of play. The winners of those matches will advance within the consolation bracket. Playoff rounds will occur every month until the winners are declared.
USGA rules apply; no mulligans, hole out all putts unless given by the opponent. The ball shall be played from where it is lies unless it is on rocks, tree roots or mud hole. The player should drop the ball the shortest possible distance away from the danger in question and the ball cannot be advanced toward the flag.
Match play deadlines will be sent by email for each month of tournament and for each player that is advancing. Players will set up time play between themselves. Results will be forwarded to the tournament committee.
The match play tournament committee will resolve disputes. The tournament committee will consist of Mike Schneider, Richard Cheatham, and John Odell.